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As gyms and fitness centers continue to reopen as pandemic restrictions are lifted, gyms are seeing a surge in new members. But navigating a gym can be challenging for some who have never stepped inside of one before. If you’re planning on keeping up with your new post-quarantine fitness habits and looking to join a gym, the following tips will help you navigate that new membership.

Know Your Long Term Goals

Whether you’re looking to tone up, gain muscle, or lose weight, knowing your long term goal will help you be more successful during each workout and push you to go to the gym regularly. Remember that as you start to achieve your goal, it’s important to reassess and update your goal over time. 

Ask for Assistance

Trainers are at the gym to help you! Whether you’re struggling with a machine or looking to increase weight and need a spotter, the trainer is there to assist! Without their assistance, you risk injury or not achieving your goal because you’ve been using the machine the wrong way the entire time. No question is a dumb question when talking to a trainer. They are there to make sure you are staying safe while working out in their facility.

Commit to a Class

While classes aren’t for everyone, attending a class can hold you accountable for going to the gym and using your membership! From circuits to yoga, spinning, and Zumba, classes are meant to help you achieve your fitness goals if you’re not exactly sure where to start on the floor. Gyms often have classes for different skill levels, so make sure you attend classes that suit your fitness level. 

Track Your Progress

It’s essential to keep your goal in mind at all times while working out and tracking it is just as important. Your long term success is why you decided to join a gym so that logging workouts can help you in the long run. 

Pump up Music

The most important part of joining a gym is the playlist you listen to while working out. While some gyms often play their playlist, putting headphones in and focusing on your workout can help you yield better results! Compile a list of songs that pump you up and make you feel great about yourself. Whether it’s rock, pop, or hip-hop, once you hear the first beat of the music, you will be able to smash your workout!