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It’s happened to everyone at least once; the morning after having a great workout, you wake up feeling sore, joints locked up, and muscles in pain. When this happens, there’s usually only one explanation. Time and time again, we forget to stretch. Stretching is just as important as the workout itself. Even outside of working out, stretching can help keep the body healthy and happy:

Improving Flexibility

With the help of regular stretching, you can easily increase your flexibility. Although it may not sound all that important, Increased flexibility is vital to overall health. Stretching can help put your muscles at ease throughout your daily activities to keep your body feeling good. It also helps to reduce the chance of limited mobility that comes from aging. Overall, flexibility is a major key to staying healthy. 

Better Posture

It’s easy to pick up on bad habits like posture. A lot of the time, people don’t even realize they have bad posture. If someone is going through their days with poor posture, it can lead to great pain and strain on their back and other joints. A great way to improve this is through stretching. Stretching every day can A study found combining strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups reduces musculoskeletal pain and encourage proper alignment, which leads to better posture. 

Effects on the Mind

There are many mental benefits to stretching regularly; the first being stress relief. Many people are victims of daily stress, which creates tense muscles. Muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders take on much of the pain of stress, which is why stretching these particular muscles can help relieve some of that stress. Stretching can also help keep the mind calm and in control. When focusing on mindfulness and meditation during your stretches, your mind will calm and give you the mental break you need.

Stretching Techniques

In order to get the most out of stretching, it’s important to have the proper technique. Always warm up first by taking a walk or any low-intensity workout for at least five minutes. While stretching, be sure to hold each stretch for thirty to sixty seconds, depending on how tight the muscle area is. It’s also important not to bounce throughout your stretches to prevent any small tears in the muscle. You shouldn’t feel any pain while stretching and it’s important to remain relaxed. Remember to stretch each side of your body before and after physical activities.The