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Exercise has numerous health benefits for those who do it consistently. What may not be as obvious is why varying workout routines are just as important and beneficial for getting the optimum results.

Here are some reasons to change up a workout routine:

Overcome Weight-Loss Plateaus

When doing the same exercises, the body has a habit of getting used to them. This translates to not working as hard or burning as many calories. Then results become minimal or nonexistent. Consistency in exercise is integral. Variety also helps get the best results.

Avoid Overuse Injury

If the same muscles are used daily in the same way, they may get a condition called “overuse injury”. Repetitive motions are quite taxing on the body. Changing up the workout routine to ensure different exercises and motions are used is a way to avoid repetitive injury and strain.

Work New Muscles

Another important reason to change up a workout routine is that it gives the opportunity to build a variety of muscles, instead of the same ones. Gaining muscle and strength throughout the body is the best outcome. To do that, all areas need to be used and worked equally.

Avoid Boredom

Exercise is much like any other task. If it’s the same routine over and over, it tends to become more of a chore for the person doing it. When the routine has variety and includes different challenges and experiences, it never reaches the stage of becoming a chore. It’s always exciting and something to look forward to.

Maintain Brain Health

Exercising the body can help with brain health. Learning new skills and challenging the body in various ways keeps the brain working well. Choosing workout routines that engage the mind as well as the body is ideal.

Meet New People

Finding new places and ways to work out gives opportunities to meet people to work out with. Taking yoga, tai chi, running classes, or other workout get-togethers can introduce people who will encourage each other’s progress.

Keep Motivation

If a person isn’t consistent with exercise, they might be more likely to give it up altogether. New, exciting exercise options can help alleviate that lack of motivation.