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Have you always wanted to hike a trail winding through an exotic environment that’s a part prehistoric landscape with an added vibe that makes you feel you’re on an alien planet? The following are just some of the top places to hike across the great state of Oklahoma!

Gloss Mountain State Park

Then look no further than the Cathedral Mountain trail that winds through Oklahoma’s Gloss Mountain State Park. This area is dominated by mesas and buttes that display a fiery hue thanks to the selenite content of the soil and rock formations. Hikers enjoy panoramic views of mountainous regions here. From the rim of Cathedral Mountain, there is a 360-degree view of the Cimarron River valley below. Gloss Park is near the city of Fairview in Oklahoma’s Major County.

Elk Mountain Trail

Another world-class hiking venue in Oklahoma is the Elk Mountain trail in the Wichita mountains. The Wichita Mountain Wildlife refuge is called “the gem of the Sooner State” because of the magnificent views of the mountains and the fascinating Charon Garden Wilderness. Lucky hikers may sight a colorful “boomer lizard” which inhabits this area. Tumbles of boulders are suitable for a “scramble upon” along the way. The Wichita wildlife refuge is located near Lawton in southeastern Oklahoma.

Roman Nose State Park

Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma is home to the Lake Loop trail, which leads to the Mesa Loop trail. The distance is about 2.8 miles, along which hikers will encounter Inspiration Point. This overlooks a stunning canyon view and Lake Watonga. This is an uphill-downhill trek with more than a few pleasant switchbacks. It is located in Blaine County, Oklahoma.

Greenleaf State Park

The swinging bridge in Oklahoma’s Greenleaf State Park is one of the most “Instagrammed” locations in the Sooner State. It’s a unique suspension bridge that hangs over Greenleaf Lake. The water displays an unusual tourmaline hue. Getting your picture taken at this hiking trail location is a terrific vacation coup. One must tackle a 5.3 hike along the Ankle Express trailhead, which traverses the Deer Head campground to get to the bridge. Greenleaf State Park is located near Bragg in eastern Oklahoma.

McGee Creek National Scenic Recreational Loop

The McGee Creek National Scenic Recreational loop trail features multiple canyons, lovely overlooks, and pleasant babbling creeks. No motorized vehicles are allowed into this area, making it serene and rich in natural sounds, such as the burbling of water and the calls of songbirds. McGee State Park is located in Atoka County in southern Oklahoma.