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It can be a good idea to subscribe to a fitness subscription service if you work out at home. However, you have many different services to choose from.

You’ll want to make sure you pick out the right service before you end up spending your money. Consider picking out one of these subscription services to use.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a fitness subscription service operating since 2007. The service has an extensive catalog of video content such as group courses, yoga lessons, kickboxing, and more.

In addition to having a catalog of content, Daily Burn presents new workouts every morning at 9 AM ET. You can check out Daily Burn by installing their mobile application or visiting their website.

Obé Fitness

Sometimes, you might want more live classes than pre-recorded content. Obé Fitness is built for you, offering 22 different live classes every day.

Obé Fitness offers all different kinds of classes that range from dance to strength. Their service even provides live classes to kids looking to work out. Those interested can visit the Obé Fitness website to learn about the various plans they offer.


Depending on your interests, you might want a subscription service that can help you strengthen your muscles. P.volve is the service for you.

P.volve offers hundreds of pre-recorded classes built specifically for those looking to have bigger and stronger muscles. These classes are all low-intensity, ensuring that you can work out in your own home.

Right now, you can receive a free 14-day trial to P.volve. Visit their website if you want a free trial or want to learn how you can subscribe to their service today.


You might be looking into these subscription services for which one offers the most amount of Yoga classes. The service you would be looking for, in this case, would be Glo.

Glo offers thousands of different classes, mainly yoga. You can also check out courses they provide in meditation, general fitness, conditioning, and more. Those interested in more advanced courses can pay an additional fee on top of their subscription.

At this moment, Glo offers a free 15-day trial period for you to try out all of their basic classes. You can access Glo on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.