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So, you’ve really gotten into working out. It’s become more than just something you “have” to do to stay in shape, but more like something you “want” to do. But can you maintain your routine in the summer heat?

The answer is yes, just as long as you do it the right way. See below for some useful tips:

Drink Water

The more you sweat, the more water you lose, and the more you put yourself in danger of dehydration. Drink up before, during, and after.

Check the Weather

Definitely plan outdoor workouts around weather but even if it’s a particularly hot one, if you check the hourly highs, you might find a part of the day that does work. As a benchmark, temps are usually highest from 10am to 3pm. And just because rain is forecasted, doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout in. No better way to stay cool!

Take a Shower…Beforehand

Showering after a workout is a given, but you might also find it useful to take one before. Don’t even towel off afterwards or dry your hair; just head right out and enjoy the benefits of a cooled-down body, even if it is only short-lived.

Mix Up Your Workouts

Running in 98 degrees? Not recommended. But swimming in 98 degrees? Perfect. Be open to trying something new if your regular routine seems impossible. Or if you can’t find anything outside, take your workout back inside. Even without equipment, there is a ton of free fitness content across the Internet.

Dress the Part

Ditch the dark colors and tight clothing. You’ll want air to be able to hit your skin and keep you cool, not attract more rays or keep trap heat in. Spending money on sweat-wicking clothes is worth it.

Lather Up

If you aren’t already putting it on every day, if you are planning on being outside in the summer, make sure you apply sunscreen. And especially when exercising, reapply often.

Working out in the summer can be a really great experience. Just make sure you follow a few simple rules so that you can continue to do it!