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After an intense workout, the muscles often remain stiff and inflexible. Post-workout stretching helps to increase blood flow to the muscles and promote healing to damaged areas. It’s also a way to relax the tensest parts of the body and start the relaxation process. There are specific stretching exercises that people should become familiar with if they want the best post-workouts.

Quad Stretch

The quad stretch is holding onto a foot and pulling it up close to the back. This stretches the quadriceps and other muscles in the thigh and leg. There are many variants to this stretch. Some people find it easier to use resistance bands as they pull. Others prefer to kneel, sit or lie down while they stretch.

Toe Touching

Touching the toes is the most common and most straightforward stretch done sitting down, the legs stretched out in front or while standing up and bending over. This move stretches multiple muscles in the arms, legs, and back.

Ankle / Wrist Rotation

People who have arthritis often feel the worst pain in their wrists. During any fitness routine, the hands are used frequently to lift weights and perform push-ups. Similarly, the ankles are used to support one’s entire weight, so they are often the first body parts to deteriorate under too much pressure.

Simple ankle or wrist rotations around the axis are recommended to relieve pain and swelling. Over time, the muscles become stronger and less tolerant of pain and wear and tear.

Calf Stretch

While pushing against one’s weight, slightly bend one knee while stretching the other leg back. This works by pushing against a wall or holding onto the back of a chair. This stretches the muscles in the calf, which is a part of the leg that is often forgotten. This position is held for a minute or so before switching legs.

Stretching is a necessity to start and end every workout. Post-workout exercises should last for five to 10 minutes after the main session. Stretching reduces the pain and stiffness of the muscles, increases the range of motion, and decreases the risk of an injury. Overall, it also increases the strength and power of workouts in general.