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Sometimes finding inspiration for working out and eating well is difficult. Many people find that if they have either a motivator or someone they look up to telling them to exercise, they feel much more committed. These podcasts can act as a “coach,” and will offer the best advice and motivation for those looking to increase their fitness motivation.

Trained by Nike

Nike is known for its high-quality and trendy workout clothing, as well as its sponsorships of great athletes. Nike seems like the perfect company to provide a pump-up podcast for athletes and people interested in their well-being. The show interviews some of the most well-known athletes and top fitness trainers to get its listeners ready to move.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Greenfield has a master’s degree in physiology, biomechanics, and human nutrition. This makes him somewhat of an expert in giving advice on when to eat which foods and what the best types of workouts are for building certain muscles. He is also an ex-body builder, so he understands the sometimes difficult and frustrating path to becoming physically fit. His podcast is overall very informative and educational.

Food Psych

This podcast talks specifically about a good relationship with eating and body image. The host, Christy Harrison, focuses on women as her target audience, but anyone looking for a better view of food is welcome. Harrison offers healthy meal tips and explains why weight loss powders or pills are rarely healthy or effective. She also discusses her struggles with eating disorders in the past, making her an empathetic and positive leader for those going through similar issues.

The Wag

Michael and Adee Cazayoux are a married couple that discusses mindset, stress, nutrition, and physical fitness. Their message is positive and relatable, which makes this a fun podcast for listeners looking to increase their overall wellness.

Wellness Mama

Katie Wells hosts this podcast while running her blog, Wellness Mama, at the same time. A mother herself, she offers ways for other moms to eat well, exercise, and practice self-care. She understands that all of this is difficult with children, so she also gives helpful tips on parenting in order to help moms find time for themselves.