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Summer is the perfect time to exercise under the sun to burn calories and stay in shape. These are some fun and productive workouts to explore during the summertime.

Sprinting up a Hill

Hill sprints make people better runners and strengthen their bodies because they run against gravity to make it up the hill. This type of workout also helps people to burn calories and lose weight. Running uphill 12 times and walking down the hill after each run is a satisfying and productive workout with appropriate rest time.

Running Backward

Everyone knows that running forward is an exercise option, but not many people know that running backward is also a beneficial workout. This type of running is safer for the knee joints than running forward and allows people to utilize the other muscles in their legs, such as their calves. Another great thing about this workout is that people can do it anywhere they want as long as they have enough space to run.

Jumping Rope

Jump ropes are not just for children. Jumping rope can help people burn plenty of calories, leading to significant weight loss, as it provides a workout for the whole body. This fun outdoor exercise can also improve coordination.

Jogging on the Beach

Jogging anywhere is a classic and well-liked outdoor exercise option, but specifically, beach jogging is incredibly beneficial. Going for a jog in a beachy environment provides more comfort for the feet because the sand creates a softer cushion for the feet than pavement or other surfaces.

Hot Yoga

Yoga is an excellent workout for both the body and the mind. This exercise helps people improve their strength and coordination through various poses and movements, making it a beneficial activity for physical health. Also, yoga is helpful for mental health because it improves focus and concentration. Practicing yoga under the hot summer sun can help people burn calories while relieving stress.

Hiking on Mountains

Hiking will put anyone’s muscles to work along with burning calories, making this activity a great workout. A scenic mountain hike on a warm summer day will provide anyone with a rewarding day of exercise and beautiful views.

All of these outdoor workouts can help anyone get in shape while having fun.