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As Autumn approaches, many people find it more difficult to make time to work out and be active. The colder weather and longer nights also makes it easier to stay home and cuddle up with a good book instead of getting to the gym. However, fitness is important at all times of the year for both mental and physical health, and these tips will keep everyone looking and feeling their best.

Set a Schedule

By physically writing a time to go for a run or hit the gym, many people feel more obligated to do it. This also aids in keeping time open. Instead of overbooking, people can see when they have made time for themselves and turn down extra events or parties.

Take Advantage of the Weather

In most places, the temperatures become cooler during the fall. This makes running or walking outside much more enjoyable. The crisp air and beautiful fall leaves provide a fresh and scenic atmosphere for people to get outside and keep their bodies moving.

Don’t let the Rain Stop you

For days when it won’t stop raining, or there’s just no way to get out of the house, the TV can come in handy. Most people, sit down and relax during their favorite show, but that time can be used to work out or stretch. Even kids can join in with easy exercises like jumping jacks, downward dogs, and booty kickers.

Find Seasonal Produce

Autumn doesn’t have to mean the end of fresh fruits and veggies. Look at local farmer’s markets or do a fall activity, like apple picking, with friends or family. These are both great ways to get out in the fresh air, and you’ll return home with clean, healthy ingredients.

Set Phone Reminders

Similar to the calendar idea, a phone can be a reminder of when to workout. A phone is even more direct though, and by setting an alarm reminding you to get up and walk around at work or to complete a workout, you’ll have no way of “forgetting” to get moving. Bonus: reminding yourself to move at work can get oxygen flowing to the brain, which will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.