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The year 2020 was a rough one for people across the world. The stress and frustration felt have many looking to 2021 as the year to conquer their personal goals. For many people, this includes losing weight or maintaining their weight loss. Check out these highly-recommended fitness gear options that will help people get fit in 2021.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Tone muscles and gain muscle mass with regular strength workouts. Standard weight sets are costly and take up a lot of space. Adjustable dumbbells are expected to be extremely popular next year. The weights range from five to 50 pounds and are small enough to slide under a bed. The weights are switched easily using strong magnets that keep the varying weights still during even the most grueling workouts.

Indoor Cycling Bike

Years ago, spin classes were all the rage as people fell in love with building muscle and burning calories while riding cycling bikes. Take the spin class home with an indoor cycling bike. The bikes can be increased to various resistance levels, which adds difficulty and burns more calories. Pull up a virtual spin class lesson on a phone or tablet and enjoy a spin class from the living room.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are one of the most versatile forms of home gym equipment. The ropes can be used to get a great cardio workout, build muscle mass and tone the arms, or even as a jump rope.

Thick Yoga Mats

Thick yoga mats are perfect for people with hard surfaces in their home that could put too much pressure on the back or joints during a workout. Yoga mats aren’t just for people who do yoga; HIIT workouts and bodyweight workout routines can also be done from these mats to make a variety of workouts more comfortable.

Boxing Gloves and a Punching Bag

Get out any stress and tension while burning hundreds of calories during a fun kickboxing workout. Kickboxing workouts engage the entire body during a routine of punches, kicks, ducks, and jabs. Get more out of an at-home routine by hanging a punching bag in the backyard or garage and getting a good pair of boxing gloves.

Those trying to save money by cutting out the gym or having had their gym closed for safety concerns don’t need to stop their workouts. Try some of these popular options for fitness gear and reach your goals in 2021.