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People are staying home more than ever and finding new ways to accomplish routine tasks, like exercise. Luckily there are old and new apps to meet this need. The best thing about using apps, especially when people can’t leave home is that they offer convenience and variety without the gym.

If you’re looking for a fitness app, you’ll want one that fits your lifestyle. Some apps offer many types of workout styles, including yoga, HIIT, and bodyweight workouts. They also have a good mix of instructors offering their expertise and making this workout fun and interesting.

You’ll also want an app that can be personalized to your needs. You can choose an app that allows you to track your fitness level, weight loss, or progress. Some apps have socials features that will enable you to share and interact with others.

All Out Studio Workout App (Android, iOs, Web)

This is a paid subscription app that brings you the best fitness experts from the top-selling fitness magazines. You can find a library of on-demand workouts suited to your goals: weight loss, muscle building, and stress relief. It’s great for all skill levels. So if you’re looking for a workout that you can access on any device, give this one a try.

Daily Burn Workout App (Android, iOs, Web)

Daily Burn is a paid subscription service that can be done on the web or through their mobile app. Each program contains workouts that you can build up to or discover new, challenging moves, making it great for all skill levels. The app also has information and resources to assist you with eating healthily and living fully.

Fitbit Coach App (Android, iOs, Web)

Fitbit Coach offers users workouts without needing a Fitbit! This is another paid app with valuable features. You have the option to join for free and get limited access to certain components of the app. But premium members get access to all videos featuring a coach who motivates you to do your best.

Jefit (Android, iOs, Web)

While this particular app focuses on strength training, you’re still able to design any workout. It’s a paid app, and there’s a free version that comes with limited features and ads. The best feature is the personal workout calendar. You can input your workout schedule, and it will even inform you of what’s coming up next.

Don’t skip out on your workouts just because you have limited access to a gym. Try any of these apps out for free before you decide. If it’s fun and fits your lifestyle, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect fitness app for you.