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Breaking bad eating habits is about far more than dropping pounds and getting a leaner and more streamlined physique. Limiting sugar and targeting fresh, nutrient-dense foods can be essential for protecting your overall health. With the right eating habits, it’s possible avoid a number of diet-related problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and more. Following are five easy and effective strategies for improving daily eating habits without feeling deprived.

Clean Out and Reorganize Your Pantry

Eating better won’t be easy if you’re constantly having to bypass a lot of unhealthy convenience foods. This is especially true if these are currently your favorite snacks to reach for. Get rid of empty-calorie treats that don’t provide any real nutritional value. If you must keep these in store for others in your household, try putting them out of reach. You should also line the front of your cabinets with a number of healthy food choices that will curb your hunger in a flash. Consider keeping canisters of roasted nuts in a prominent position along with whole grain snack bars or crackers. Packaged cookies, chips, snack cakes, and candies can be gotten rid of entirely, or stored up high and far in the back. It is also a good idea to keep a large basket of fresh produce in a prominent location.

Change Your Portion Sizes by Choosing Smaller Plates

Surprisingly, serving yourself on smaller plates is an easy and effective way to cut your portions. Numerous studies have shown that people tend to eat less and feel more satisfied when dining on smaller plate sizes that actually look full. Conversely, putting the same amount of food on a bigger plate can leave you feeling deprived. This incredible, visual trick is a great for achieving the calorie deficit that’s necessary for producing weight loss.

Get Smaller Glasses to Stop Drinking Excess Calories

If you’re pouring juice or other high-sugar beverages into large tumblers, you’re probably drinking far more calories than you should. To avoid consuming excess sugar and unnecessary calories, pour these beverages into small, juice glasses instead. Save tumblers and other large-sized vessels for fresh, pure water. When you make water your primary beverage choice, you can quickly shed pounds and achieve optimum levels of hydration.

Meal Prep With a Purpose

Advance meal preparation or meal prep can mean everything in your efforts to eat better. After all, many of the unhealthy eating choices that people typically occur when they’re hungry and lack better options. Keeping sliced vegetables, ready-made salads, grilled lean meats, and other pre-made options on hand is your best bet. When you come home from work, you can use your advance-prepped meals to avoid munching on empty calorie snacks that are packed with excess sugar, salt, and fat.

Know What Your Motivation is

Having clearly defined motives for healthier eating will help you stay on target. Try writing a list of your health goals and priorities, and then keeping this list at hand. Posting copies on the refrigerator and on the cupboard door is an excellent way to remind yourself of why good choices are so important, especially when temptation has just reared its head.