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Only a few people can maintain consistency in exercising, owing to a lack of sufficient time to get to the gym or spin classes. Peloton is a high-quality full-body exercise bike that connects people to live workouts and instructors, motivates them to work out, and provides them with a time leaderboard to pedal harder. For fitness enthusiasts who ever imagined having workout sessions at home, during their free time with an on-demand or a live instructor, Peloton is the best choice for them. Let’s analyze several tips one should have at their fingertips while purchasing a Peloton.

Peloton Bike Models

Peloton has two models one can choose from, the original Bike and the Bike+ with deciphering features and prices depending on the model. Although much more expensive, Peloton Bike+ has some extra features like a bigger screen, which is 23.8 inches, compared to the Bike’s 22-inch, and it supports swiveling, allowing one to rotate it. It also allows connections to the Apple watch, giving people the advantage of sharing their heart rate data with the Peloton Bike+.

Peloton Bike Prices and Discounts

Despite Peloton Bike’s cost ranging between $1,895 and $2,945, one can save some cash while buying a brand new Peloton using referral codes, Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals, and even health/military discounts. Mostly, Peloton gives a discount percentage off the original prices or gives out a free workout accessory package that includes a heart rate monitor, bike mat, and peddling shoes.

Purchasing a Used Peloton

Purchasing a used Peloton is as good as buying a brand new one and enables people to save and use extra amounts to pay for the live classes. Another perk is that people will pay less for the Peloton app, which costs $40 per month. However, people should test and ensure that it is in good condition and transfer ownership to your name.

People who are enthusiasts of the spin classes and want quality workouts at home as they listen to their favorite music should feel free to consider purchasing a Peloton bike. Apart from a full-body exercise in the comfort of your home, Peloton offers them an engaging, motivated, flexible, and perfect workout schedule, especially for people working on a tight schedule.