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Almost every area of people’s lives have been affected by the events of 2020. Restaurants and bars largely remain closed, schooling is mostly virtual, and exercising at a gym is no longer an option for many. The usual routine of a simple workout is now a habit that millions of people need to change. These are some of the latest fitness trends that have been emerging for this new year.

Back to Basics

Mental Health, along with basic self-care have quickly outshined the previous need to be physically attractive, statistics say. Instead of feeling more inclined to have a six-pack, people are longing to feel more mentally healthy and at peace with themselves. In most areas of the globe, people are still being required to stay at home, which has resulted in an unprecedented increase in depression and anxiety. Meditation, yoga, and stretching have all been proven to help relieve anxiety and depression by calming the mind while strengthening the body. All of these practices have been shown to have both short and long-term effects when done consistently.

More screen time has been trending dramatically, with the increase in various digital fitness platforms. This new form of virtual exercise from home has opened the doors to endless possibilities. Not only does the wide range of workout options help eliminate any remaining excuses people may have, but it can also be a positive and productive respite from the monotony of a daily work routine. There are digital running and cycling classes that take you on a journey to the top of a mountain or yoga sessions on the most peaceful island. There are also countless workout platforms where a professional trainer is personally pushing you to reach your goals, something many people did not have the courage to try before COVID-19.

Get Out There

Being active outdoors is another rapidly-growing option for fitness seekers. Whether it is a trendy new open-air gym or taking up a new hobby like kayaking, there’s no debating that the combination of fresh air and sunshine can be the best cure for the standard workout.