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Anthony Karabon

Health & Fitness

About Anthony Karabon

Anthony Karabon, based in Dallas, Texas, is the Managing Director for the Midsouth Region at the Dave Cantin Group, specializing in dealership brokering. Outside of work, Anthony maintains a healthy lifestyle through many forms of exercise and sports activities.

Anthony’s experience in practicing law led him to become general counsel for two large auto dealership groups, Boucher Automotive Group, and RFJ Auto Partners. During his time with Boucher and RFJ Auto Partners, Anthony negotiated, documented, and consummated numerous buy/sell transactions.

In 2017, Anthony joined Dave Cantin Group (DCG) as a dealership broker and facilitates the sales of large auto dealerships in the Mid South Region for the company. DCG is a full-service automotive M&A firm with the depth of critical experience, expertise, relationships, resources, and a track record of delivering success for automotive dealers.

After his workday has ended, one of Anthony’s favorite forms of exercise is cycling. Anthony enjoys doing this with his wife, Patricia. Another favorite past time for Anthony is golfing. When playing golf, one plays against not just the course but also the people you may be playing along with. As Anthony was involved in competitive sports growing up, he still finds that drive to compete is just as strong and having the social aspect of golfing among friends helps tie all that together nicely into a strong passion.

Anthony believes that exercising to stay fit improves the wellness of one’s life exponentially. By incorporating a daily exercise routine into a person’s schedule, they are able to improve their wellness and lifestyle.

Some of Anthony’s favorite golf courses are Cowboys Golf Club, located in Grapevine, Texas, TCP Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas, many courses in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and even Scotland, where the sport originated.

To learn more about Anthony Karabon’s passion for health and fitness, particularly as it relates to golf, please be sure to back often for his most recent updates!